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The Education Office can provide one on one guidance regarding civilian degree programs and tuition assistance as well as assistance with achieving CCAF degree.

Professional Manager Certification (PMC)
CCAF offers a Professional Manager Certification (PMC) for qualified senior Air Force enlisted personnel who have demonstrated an advanced level of professional accomplishment.  The purpose of the certification is to recognize the individual's outstanding education and training,which is required to lead and manage Air Force personnel and critical national defense assets.  The certification also formally acknowledges the individual's management quialifications and experience.  Qualified Air Force enlisted personnel are eligible for this certification.  For more information on the certification and to download the PMC Program brochure:

Post 9/11 GI Bill Information
Upper level, Community Center Education Office
Call 333-3298

Enlisted Commissioning Opportunities
Enlisted members who are interested in learning more about commissioning opportunities should contact the Education Office at 333-3298 to schedule an appointment with a counselor.


Squadron Officer School Distance Learning (SOS DL) Program Information
Effective on 07 January 2013, Squadron Officer College will have three distance learning (DL) programs:  Squadron Officer School (SOS) DL Course 20, the new Squadron Officer School (SOS) DL Program MSOS003, and the Leadership Development Program (LDP). Course 20 will close to new enrollments when MSOS003 opens to new enrollments.

Registration procedures for these programs vary. This information is available on the SOC website at, click on "nonresident programs."

SOS DL Course 20: Registration for this course will close on 07 January 2013. Because new student enrollments will be redirected to the SOS DL Program MSOS003 electronically, some students who enroll in Course 20 a few days before the launch of MSOS003 may be placed in MSOS003, depending on their time zones and the timing of system refreshes. Fifteen months following the launch of MSOS003, all students remaining in Course 20 will be disenrolled and the course will be removed from the Air University servers.

SOS DL MSOS003: Active duty military, ANG, AFRES, and IOs with line numbers for O-3 or equivalent and civilians with grades of at least GS-9, PB 2, or NAF 3/4 or above can enroll using the enrollment instructions located on the SOC website at, click on "nonresident programs." Civilians must possess regionally-accredited baccalaureate degrees and must have at least one year of experience in federal civil service. 

SOC Leadership Development Program (LDP): No procedures for these courses are changing at this time. Each course must be completed within six months of enrollment, no extensions are granted, and no records are maintained of work completed during previous enrollments. Military students must be commissioned officers to enroll and civilian employees must possess accredited baccalaureate degrees. The qualifications for these courses have not changed since their launch in 2010 and are outlined in AFI 36-2301, page 35.

Please read ALL instructions on the AU website before you contact SOS DL, or the AU Registrar Student Services office with any questions, problems or feedback. We hope to have a smooth transition and continue to move ahead with Air Force Education.

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