Honor Guard

Honor Guard
9023 Academy Drive
(719) 333-3323

The Base Honor Guard mission is to "Honor with dignity". Here at USAFA, we have the only USAF active cemetery, and we keep a fairly busy schedule. The BHG is not just for enlisted personnel. All ranks are welcome and officer support is appreciated. While training dates may interfere with classes and duties, we'll be happy to work with you.

The USAFA Base Honor Guard is in need of volunteers.


- a minimum of 12-months retain ability on base (i.e. no projected PCS)

- can support a minimum of two details per month for one year (i.e. 24 total details)

- and attend training every other Wednesday from 1-4 p.m.

Some benefits of your service:

- Consideration for decoration upon completion of your contract

- USAFA BHG Garment Bag

- Quarterly/Annual Award recognition consideration

- Free attendance to major sporting events (if you are a member of the detail presenting at that event)

- BHG vehicle decal

Call 333-5621 or 333-3323 for more information.

Honor Guard offers great opportunity for active duty military volunteers

Potential volunteers must meet certain standards

Being a member of the Honor Guard at the Air Force Academy may not be the hardest job you'll ever love, but it won't be the easiest, either.

People join the Honor Guard for many reasons. Some enjoy the opportunity to participate in the "fun" details such as presenting the colors at a Denver Broncos and Colorado Rockies games, change-of-command and retirement ceremonies and parades.

" The main reason people want to be on the Honor Guard is because they believe in the program," said Janet Edwards, Honor Guard director. "They think it's important that they can give back to the families, especially those active duty people who have lost their lives in combat. A lot of them aren't ever going to be on the front line of war so they like to give back this way - by paying their respects."

The Honor Guard is in need of volunteers. Currently, there are 29 members, three of which are deployed right now. It takes a minimum of 21 members to perform an active duty funeral service. Forty is the desired number needed.

Potential volunteers must meet certain standards for acceptance into the Honor Guard.

"We like to have someone recommended by their First Sergeant so that we know they're doing well in their squadron, they're not behind on their work, that they're dependable and reliable," she said. "We won't take just anybody."

" The Honor Guard at the Academy is probably the elite of area Honor Guards. We send people to Washington D.C. to train and they say we have one of the best programs around."


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