Outdoor Adventure

5136 Eagle Drive
(719) 333-4475

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The Outdoor Adventure Program will give you the adventure of your life. Whether you prefer summer or winter escapades, there's a program for you. OAP offers ski trips to several locations.

OAP offers classes such as bike repairs, kayaking, CPR, GPS, outdoor skills, fishing and tying and dutch oven cooking.

You can be assured that your adventure will be planned and conducted by well-trained OAP staff members whose only concern is that you have a safe, fun time!

OAP Volunteers wanted

Whitewater rafting is just one of the programs at Outdoor Rec so if you're tired of hearing/saying "There's nothing to do" we also kayak, snowshoe, mountain bike, hike, ski, outdoor classes, and anything else you can think to do outdoors. We depend on you, our volunteers, to help guide these trips, and to teach others. You make it possible. Call 333-2940 to become a volunteer.

OAP Cancellation Policy

Cancellations within 72 hours before activity date will not be refunded. Payments are refundable when military commitments or medical emergencies are involved, provided that the participant shows documentation upon refund request. Any trip is subject to cancellation due to unsafe weather conditions or a lack of participation. In this event rescheduling or full refunds will be given.  For cancellations call: OAP at 333-4475.

Hours of

Noon - 5 p.m.