Child Development Center Annex

Child Development Center Annex
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Want a wonderful place to leave your young child during the day, a place where children are nourished, cared for, educated and helped to feel better about themselves in every way? If so, take them to the Academy Child Development Center Annex, one of the two award-winning young children's centers on base. It will Blast away your expectations.

Once known as the "Nursery School," then the "Pre-School," the Child Development Center Annex is now located in the former Child Development Center, 5150 Community Center Drive. An excellent facility, it housed the bulk of the Air Force child development programs on base until four years ago, when the new Child Development Center was opened in Pine Valley, at 6250 Sunflower. The CDC Annex program is an extension of the Child Development Center programs.

Hours of

6:30 a.m.-6 p.m.