Aero Club

Aero Club

Location, Phone & Hours

9222 Airfield Drive
DSN 719-333-4542

Mon. — Fri.  7 am - 4 pm
Sat. & Sun. by appointment

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Aero Club Offer


The Academy Aero Club has planes for you to fly!

There are now five aircraft available as well as Flight Instructors. Aircraft include one T-41B, and 4 Cessna 172s of various vintages. The Aero Club is FAA part 141 approved for private pilot, and instrument certificates, and we are currently in the process of approval for our commercial pilot course. All of our Flight Instructors are highly trained professionals, who are all FAA certified. At the club a member can earn a basic private pilot certificate, or go on for more advanced certificates and ratings. If you already are a FAA certificated pilot, our aircraft are for rent, for personal use. Whether you are a pilot with several thousand hours or a beginner starting at zero, we invite you to check us out. Feel free to stop by at any time to ask questions, see our operations, or schedule an introductory flight.

Due to security measures, visitors must have proper authorization attached to their proxy cards. If you do not have proper authorization — please call the Aero Club to make appropriate plans in order to be allowed in the area. As an Aero Club member you will be given training and a badge to operate the security gate.

Safety Meeting is held the third Tuesday of each month, 6 p.m., at the Aero Club.


We offer testing for these certifications:
Private Pilot Recreational Pilot
Sport Pilot Instrument Rating
Commercial Pilot Military Competence
Flight Engineer Aircraft Dispatcher
Airline Transport Pilot Flight Navigator
Flight/Ground Instructor Aviation Mechanics
Part 107 Drone