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2302 Cadet Drive
(719) 333-2711, Director

(719) 333 - 4690, Haps

(719) 333- 4497, Cadet Entertainment

(719) 333-2721, Arnold Hall Theater

Hours of Operation
Summer Hours :

Arnold Hall
(June and July)

Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Closed Weekends & Holidays


Closed June and July

Richter Lounge Food Court
(June and July)
Monday through Friday 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Closed Weekends & Holidays

Arnold Hall Student Center's mission is to be a world class student center which provides recreational activities, social development and Cadet Entertainment, by cadets for cadets programs. Arnold Hall Student Center works to provide an atmosphere in which the cadets can relax. 

Arnold Hall Theater - capacity 2,769 and 40 handicap seats, used for lectures, briefings, concerts and plays.
Arnold Hall Ballroom
- capacity 2,000, used for dances, squadron functions, lectures, briefings, information fairs
Conference Rooms - 2 rooms for small gatherings, briefings, or classes
Cadet Lodge - a log cabin west of Arnold Hall on Pavilion Dr., capacity of 200, a small kitchen and a fire place. Used for cadet squadron gatherings, small out of office briefings and gatherings
Lawrence Paul Outdoor Picnic Pavilion - a covered picnic area west of Arnold Hall on Pavilion Dr.
Haps - Cadet Lounge, for 2nd degree cadets and 1st degree cadets over the age of 21
Richter Lounge Food Court - an AAFES venue, open to the public
Polaris Perk Coffee Shop - Serves Starbuck brand coffees and drinks

To reserve a facility email: 10FSS.FSLA@usafa.edu

Arnold Hall Student Center offers a verity of recreational activities. Classes that provide fun and social decorum education such as:
Wine Appreciation
Painting with a Twist
Open Mic Nights
Cadet lead dance classes and dance groups
Cadet Entertainment - For Cadets and by Cadets Concerts
Seasonal Fairs
Pregame football tailgate parties
Summer quad parties and more.

Arnold Hall Student Center holds two grand balls a year for cadets and their guests:
Cadet Air Force Birthday Ball
- Held in Sept to celebrate the creation of the Air Force
Ring Dance
- celebrates the 2nd degree cadets upon receiving their class rings and becoming 1st degree cadets.