Child Development Center, Annex & Youth center

COVID-19 Implemented Measures

USAFA Child and Youth Families,

Throughout the week, we have had several families ask questions regarding the health and sanitation of the facilities and changes to our exclusion policy based on COVID 19. However, as you are all aware guidance and directions are  constantly evolving.  We understand everybody’s concern regarding the safety of their child(ren) and youth. Child and Youth Program management and staff have implemented measures in hopes to mitigate the spread of infection and outbreak within our programs.

A. In addition to our normal stringent cleaning we have implemented the following measures:

  1.  All counters, pens and monitors at the front desk are being cleaned and sanitized throughout the day.
  2.  Rigorous hand washing procedures are being followed by staff.  Children 3 and up are being monitored to ensure proper handwashing procedures take place.  Staff are helping children 2 and under with handwashing.
  3.  Proper cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting of activity area and classroom materials, bedding, surfaces and furnishings is happening daily.  The custodial crew is conducting deeper cleanings of the facilities during the day and in the evening.
  4.  Sleeping children are being placed 3 feet apart and children sleep head to toe.  Infant classrooms are the only exception to this because there is plexiglas in between their cribs.
  5.  Program clerks are staying on top of children’s and youth immunizations to ensure all immunization are up to date.  Any child/youth with missing immunization records will be excluded from care until the immunization is received and documentation is provided to the program.
  6.  Children/Youth who develop signs and symptoms of illness while in care are being isolated in a safe and supervised setting until their parent(s) arrive.
  7.  The Child Development Center (CDC) is limiting the number of classroom/group configurations to reduce possible cross-contamination.
  8.  CDC and Youth Center is strategically utilizing staff who are floaters/breakers within specific classrooms and age groups to minimize potential cross contamination.
  9.  The Youth Center staff are diligently reminding youth to wash hands and use sanitizer.

B. How YOU can help

  1.  Please keep your child(ren)  at home when they are sick or showing signs of illness.  Keep them home until they are symptom free for 24 hours without the use of medication.
  2.  If your child is showing signs of illness (specifically COVID-19) or if they are send home with signs of illness, take them to the Doctor to get evaluated. Child(ren)/Youth will not be allowed back into any Child and Youth Programs without documentation from a medical professional showing clearance to return to a childcare setting.
  3.  Use hand sanitizer located at the front desk prior to signing your child into the program.
  4.  Help and remind your child(ren) and Youth to wash their hands upon entering the facilities/classroom and wash your hands prior to signing your child into the programs and entering the classrooms.

  5.  If you are exhibiting signs of illness, we request that you do NOT come into the programs and try to make arrangements with your spouse or a family friend to drop off and pick up your child(ren)/Youth.

C. If you need school age care for March 16 - 20 and/or March 23 - 27

Please call the Youth Center and ensure your child is signed up for Spring Break Care. Your child(ren) must currently be enrolled in our School Age Program. If they are not , you must submit a request for care through

D. If you currently utilize the Family Child Care (FCC) Program

The decision to close or suspend care will be made by the provider, however we have asked that they notify their families at least 72 hours in advance.

E. In case of a facility closure:

  1.  Parents will need to find alternate care options
  2.  Work with your leadership and chain of command
  3.  It is highly recommended that ALL parents with family care plans (AF 357), ensure they are reviewed and ready to implement .

As of now, we have not received any additional guidance from public health regarding our exclusion policy based on COVID -19.  When additional information is received we will share it with all our families.

The management and staff at Child and Youth Programs of USAFA are working diligently to minimize the number people entering our facilities. There is currently a USAFA COVID-19 working group that is continually evaluating additional measures for the CDC and Youth Center to implement.  If any of our existing measures change, all families will be notified.

If you have any questions regarding the measures being implemented within our programs, please call the respective program at any time.

CDC Main – 719-333-6779

CDC Annex – 719-333-4166

Youth Center/SAC – 719-333-4169

Family Childcare Office – 719-333-4993


COVID-19- Mission Essential Care Status for CDC and Youth Patrons
(effective 0630 18 March)

In efforts to minimize cross contamination and exposure of COVID -19. All USAFA Child and Youth programs will go to Mission Essential care only beginning 0630, 18 March  2020. As an option, if your family has other alternative care options available in the household (other family members for example), it may be prudent to exercise that option vice using the Child Development Center/School Age Care.  In any case, we are here to support you and your family.     


The following programs/activities will be suspended effective 0630 18 March:

  1. No Open Recreation activities at the Youth Center
  2. All parent involvement activities have been suspended until further notice

  3. No hourly care will be offered
  4. Onsite therapy will be suspended at the CDC or Youth Center.
  5. Give Parents A Break – until further notice

The USAFA Mission Elements have identified mission essential staff. These families will be notified with a confirmation of care starting 18 March. USAFA Child and Youth Programs cannot accept any new enrollments at this time. If you have not received confirmation of care for either the CDC and or School Age Program, please work with your leadership and chain of command to determine if you’re a mission essential or not.  

If you are deemed mission essential by another front range installation ( Peterson, Schriever , Ft. Carson) and USAFA is your child care provider please provide a memo by EMAIL from your commanding officer stating you are mission essential in support of COVID-19 efforts. This will secure mission essential care for your family

All CDC Mission Essential Care will be  conducted at the CDC Main building. School Age Care will continue at the Youth Center.

If you have issues finding childcare off the installation, my staff are able to provide a list of local providers that may be able to assist. In addition, mil to mil and single military families may have to consider their family care plan if other child care options fail.

For those families not in mission essential status, any fees that have been charged will be credited towards future child care.

The Child and Youth Program staff appreciates your support in ensuring our staff are staying healthy. Taking this action ensures we have enough cleaning supplies on hand and healthy CDC workers to be able to provide care for children of mission essential for the long term.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact any of the facilities listed below.


CDC Main  - 333-6779

CDC Annex – 333-4166

Youth Center/SAC  - 333-4169

Family Childcare Office – 333-4993