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7067 Cottonwood Dr
USAF Academy, CO 80840

Hours of Operation
9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sun. noon-5 p.m.

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Rental Riding Rates

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Boarding vacancies in a gated community with access to over 44,000 acres for trail riding!

4 Stalls with runs in the upper barns - Rates are $285 for self-care or $410 for full care

6 Stalls in the courtyard - Rates are $285 for self-care or $385 for full care

Rates are on a month basis.

Rental Riding Information-719-333-4607 Boarding Information- 719-472-8639

​With the Rampart Range as both its playground, the Academy Equestrian Center awaits those who want to ride the Rockies! Situated just a few miles from downtown Colorado Springs, the Academy's full-service center offers 44,000 acres of majestic beauty in which to ride. Trail riders can ride on the 1,000 acres of trails on base or take off for the back country of the adjacent Pike National Forest. The Equestrian Center also offers special events such as horsemanship seminars, twilight horseback rides, organized trail rides and hay rides. Full and partial care boarding is available. Horses are available for lease by the season during the fall and winter.

​The Equestrian Center hosts the AFA Cadet Equestrian Team and works closely with the Center for Character Development, Make a Wish Foundation, Scouts and other community organizations. Major improvements, including new barns and corrals, have recently been completed south of the existing facilities. The Equestrian Center is located south of the Pine Valley housing area and west of Air Academy High School.

​The Academy Equestrian Center offers classes in Western Horsemanship.
​Horsemanship classes include: One hour riding lesson, instruction in grooming, saddling, and proper etiquette.
Ages 8 and older may take lessons. Children younger than 8 will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Protective headgear for children is mandatory and provided.
Participants need to wear heeled shoes and long pants. They should bring sunscreen and  appropriate jacket.
Come prepared to ride after sign up.
Cost of each lesson is $40, to be paid in advance.
Special birthday party lessons are available for groups up to 15. Have cake and ice cream with the horses and then take a structured riding lesson. Must be reserved in advance call 719-333-4607.

Our current programs at the USAF Academy Equestrian Center include:
​Wounded Warrior
Adults and children with Special Needs
Equine Assisted Learning and Therapy (mental health oriented) for wounded warriors and their families.
Group trail riding therapy for spouses of MIA and KIA heroes
Cadet Leadership and Character Development through horsemanship"Make-a-Wish" opportunities
Scout Horsemanship Badge