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Farish Lodging Reservation/Cancellation Policies

If you have any questions call Farish at 719-687-9098 or Outdoor Rec at 719-333-4475.

Reservations can be made 90 days in advance for all active duty members and 60 days in advance for all other eligible patrons by phone. This includes lodging facilities, RV spaces, pavilions, camper cabins, and campgrounds. Reservations can also be made on-site if space is available. Patrons will be charged full amount for the reservation at the same time the reservation is being booked. When reservations are being made for a Friday, Saturday or Holiday, only one eligible patron per family can book a maximum of two units or sites for said time. Reservations can be made up to a year in advance if 50% or more of indoor lodging facilities are being reserved. With the exclusion of weekends and holidays. 50% of indoor lodging includes either all 6 Duplexes and/or Cottage and Lodge combined. A contract will be sent via US Postal Service to the individual that made the reservation with dates and total cost. The contract will need to be signed and sent back to Farish within 3 weeks of postage date or the reservation will be canceled. The entirety of the cost for the reservation will be charged to the patrons account after Farish has received the signed contract. If the reservation is canceled after contract is signed and sent back a 25% cancellation fee will be assessed. If the reservation cannot be rebooked the patron is charged the full amount. Exceptions to this policy are stated below. Refunds will not be given due to weather, fire restrictions, power outages, insects or other acts of nature.

Cancellations can be made 15 days or more prior to check-in date for reservations made within the 60-90 day parameter with a full refund issued. If the reservation is canceled within 14 days of check-in date a 25% cancelation fee is charged if the reservation is able to be rebooked. If the reservation is unable to be rebooked the patron is still charged the full amount.

Exceptions to this policy are as follows:

  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders are received as a result of an administrative discharge but not a sentence of confinement in a court-martial, and the renter must depart before the season is over.
  • Temporary Duty (TDY) orders for a consecutive 30-day period.
  • Medical reason, statement is provided from qualified medical facility.
  • Closures of roads due to inclement weather inhibiting access to the facility.