high country inn


High Country inn is open to Enlisted, Officers and Dod civilians.

The High Country Inn accepts Cash, Debit cards and most credit cards.

5218 Cedar Drive
USAF Academy
DSN 333-4730
Mon — Fri  6-8 am
Sat, Sun & Hol  7-8:30 am
Mon — Fri  11 am-1 pm
Sat, Sun & Hol 11 am-1 pm
Mon — Fri  5:30-7 pm
Sat, Sun & Hol  5:30-6:45 pm
High Country Inn
High Country Inn
High Country Inn

About The High Country Inn

The High Country Inn Dining Facility is situated with breathtaking south-facing views of the Front Range Mountains with a large patio overlooking Pine Valley. The High Country Inn interior is a fine reflection of Colorado design complete with a stone fireplace in the center of the dining room.

Use of the High Country Inn Dining Facility is restricted to enlisted members and those authorized by the installation commander to meet mission requirements in accordance with AF MAN 34-239, Food Service Management Program. The primary customers are enlisted members on ESM, Prep School and Enlisted member on BAS and secondary customers are Officers and DOD civilians working on USAFA.

TDY personnel, enlisted members who receive Basic Allowance for Subsistence (BAS), first responders (Security Forces and Fire Department) are also authorized to use the facility. The best times for the non-ESM members to visit is 15-20 minutes before closing. You are also permitted go to the front of the line while on duty at any time during service. The center area of the dining room (near the fireplace) is reserved for non-primary customers.

We encourage you to visit our other 10 FSS food and beverage facilities; Falcon Club, Bowling Center's Ten Pin Grill and The Grill at Eisenhower Golf.

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