Military Personnel Flight

Dependent ID Card Shortage

SITUATION: AFPC/DP3SA published a message on 14 February 2020 via myPers Secure alerting DEERS Service Centers of an impending Dependent ID Card (DD 1173S) shortage.

IMPACT: This has potential impacts with dependents gaining access to the base, shopping at the Commissary and AAFES, having access to other base privileges, and with seeking medical treatment on or off base and fulfilling prescriptions, should their ID cards expire during this timeframe.

CURRENT SITUATION: Our MPF has enough stock to reach the beginning of April at our current average of 140 Dependent ID’s per week. However, effective immediately, we are putting in place stipulations in order to be more conservative with our dependent ID card issuance.

NOTICE: We will not be issuing/re-issuing Dependent ID cards for the following reasons, effective immediately:

  1. Sponsor rank changes (promotion)
  2. Children turning 10
  3. ID Cards that don’t expire within 30 days

CONTINGENCY PLAN: (IF member is affected by shortage): For Base Access, the MPF coordinated with the VCC to ensure that dependents can obtain 90-day base passes and the Agent Letter the MPF provides to ensure they have Commissary/AAFES shopping privileges. We also coordinated with 10 MDG to ensure they will accept an updated DD 1172 with photo ID (i.e. Driver’s License) for dependents to receive prescriptions from the Pharmacy and appointments on and off base—they can use the form to verify the dependents’ electronic health record that they are enrolled in Tricare Prime. Members need to physically come to the MPF to receive the DD 1172 with proper annotation. If a member is provided an DD 1172 due to the shortage they will be given a priority appointment starting 4 May.

We are maintaining contact with DMDC to ensure we stay abreast on the most up-to-date information (current GWD: 30 APR 2020).

For additional questions or clarification, please feel free to contact Capt Patrick Noyes (DSN: 333-4624) or the Customer Support Section, (DSN: 333-1883).


Patrick T. Noyes,Capt, USAF
Military Personnel Flight Commander
10 FSS/FSP, USAF Academy, CO
DSN: 333-4624
COMM: (719) 333-4624