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Effective 2 August 2021

Due to USAFA converting back to 100% office manning the MPF/DEERS OFFICE considers electronic ID card process on a case-by-case basis, as determined by MPF leadership. Appointments are priorities and Walk-ins will be taken between appointments if possible. Walk-ins are defined on the main MPF page.

To set up an appointment, please visit our website at and select the "ID Cards" icon. You will be navigated to the next page where you will then select the "Make Appointment" icon. You can contact our office at 719-333-8766, option 2, for any questions or concerns in regards to appointments and walk-in necessity.

Future guidance and knowledge on operations will be advertised through mass e-mail and our website in the upcoming weeks.

The DEERS office is reviewing the process for civilian dependents to get their dependents DBIDS cards for installation access. Below is the process on getting a civilian dependent a DBIDS card:

  1. Retrieve a DD Form 1172 from the DEERS office showing your dependent is on your record.
    • If your spouse is not processed in DEERS, please bring to the DEERS office your marriage certificate, spouse's birth certificate, spouse's SSN card and a valid government photo ID for processing. For a child, please have the child's birth certificate, SSN card and a valid form of government ID (if applicable due to age)
    • For a child to receive a DBIDS card, they must possess a driver's license and need access on and off the installation. Any child without a driver's license will not be issued a DBIDS cards.
  2. Bring the DD Form 1172 to the Pass & Registration office which is located outside of the south gate.
    • Ensure all dependents have a valid government ID as well

Let our office know if you have any questions.

Community Center
5136 Eagle Drive
Suite K-102
USAF Academy, CO

Customer Support
, Option 2
DSN 333-8766
Career Development
& Force Management
Option 3 or 4

Closed Weekends, Federal Holidays & USAFA Resiliency Days
Mon - Fri  7:30 am - 3:30 pm
Wed - 7:30 am - noon

Retiree Appreciation Day.
First two Wednesdays of the month 7:30 am - 3:30 pm.
May walk in without an appointment and be
serviced by the DEERS/ID office

Appointments are a priority!


Walk-ins are considered:

  • Proxy Area Access
  • PIN Resets
  • Lost or stolen ID
  • Cards expiring within 48 hours
    • NOTE: Walk-ins will be serviced between appointments

For questions about appointment or policies, please contact Customer Support at 719-333-1883 or
send email to the org box at

CAC RetiRee or dependent ID

Common Access Card (CAC)

If you REQUIRE A NEW ID, make an appointment by clicking the button below. Select the button under "Site Locator and Appointments." When at the Locator, enter zip code 80840 to find the Community Center ID Card Office. Scroll to the bottom and select "Schedule an Appointment."

Appointments open on the 10th of the month for the following month. If an appointment falls on a weekend it will open the following Monday.

Make Appointment
First time cac holder (pdf)  cac replacement (pdf)

Additional RENEWAL Information

ID CARD Appointments are prioritized for Active Duty, DoD and Contractor holder needs. Retiree ID cards are serviced via appointment or walk-in.

  • RAPIDS Appointments available for the next month starting on/or after the 10th of each month.
    • Appointments are required unless it is for a CAC Pin Reset or in-processing
    • Other appointments "available" on a case-by-case basis to ensure ZERO Walk-ins if you call or email org box up to 30 days out for an updated CAC ID.

Please see our Checklist prior to making any appointments to ensure you have all required documents. This is an extremely helpful document, as it lists all eligibility requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: All dependents must have a completed form DD 1172-2 which has been signed if their sponsor is not present during the time of appointment. Download DD-1172-2 (PDF) (download to digitally sign)

There are four ways you can accomplish a DD-1172:
  1. Signed digitally by your Sponsor (with a CAC only) and submitted using RAPIDS Self Service
  2. Signed by your sponsor in a DEERS office
  3. Signed by your sponsor and notarized. A wet (written) signature is acceptable
  4. Using a general Power of Attorney

Career Development

Ages 21 - 23 submit an Enrollment Verification Certificate. SEE SAMPLES

Responsible for Retirements, Separations, Outbound Assignments, Promotions, and Retentions: Re-enlistments, Extensions and CSBs.

To contact a Career Development Technician, call 719-333-8766 Option 3.

Force Management

Responsible for Awards and Decorations, Duty Information Updates, Classifications, Evaluations, G-Series Orders, and Adverse Actions.

To contact a Force Management Technician call 719-333-8766, Option 4

Frequently Asked Questions
My sponsor is on deployment/TDY. How do I obtain a new ID if he/she is not present?
If your sponsor is unable to accompany you to your visit, a valid "General or Special" Power of Attorney will allow you to conduct business on your sponsor's behalf. You may also provide a signed & notarized DD Form 1172-2.
Once the DD Form 1172-2 is signed, how long is it good for?
The DD Form 1172-2: Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card/DEERS Enrollment is good for up to 90-days.
Why do I need two forms of ID?
To make an ID card, the Department of Defense RAPIDS system requires the Verifying Official to SCAN two forms of government-issued ID into the record repository. The documents cannot be expired or cancelled. If the two documents bear different names, evidence of a formal name change must be provided.
Are there any other DEERS locations in the local area?
Yes, you can locate a DEERS station closer to your residence by visiting
Select "Site Locator & Appointments section.
What do I do if I lose my ID and need to be issued a replacement?
If there is a lost/stolen/misplaced ID Card, a police report from local/Military Police stating lost Federal ID or First Sergeant lost ID memorandum and two (2) forms of identification can be submitted on the e-ID Renewal Process above. Two forms of unexpired ID must be provided, at least one with a photo.
Two (2) Forms of ID Information (PDF)
What if my ID expires prior to my ID appointment date?
To obtain a temporary pass, please print your ID card appointment confirmation and bring along with your driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance to the Pass & Registration Office at the South Gate. More info by calling 719-333-0444.
Is there a pre-arrival checklist that I can refer to online?
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