Rampart Lodge Amenities

Rampart Lodge - Amenities


Our rooms are equipped with many useful amenities to help your stay be pleasant and comfortable. It is our earnest desire to maintain a warm, relaxing atmosphere for you. Listed below are a few items provided for your comfort. Please keep in mind that not all rooms have the same brand or type of equipment, so instructions may vary from room to room. If you experience difficulty, please contact housekeeping or the front desk staff for assistance.

Coffee Makers
Please do not operate the coffee pot dry or overfill. Please do not put any liquids other then water in the holder or use the coffee maker for any other purpose than for making coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Instructions for 12 cup coffee maker:
Place a filter pack in the brew basket; fill carafe to fill line with cold water; lift the top of the unit and pour water in slowly; replace carafe under brew basket; press button on the unit to start brewing; when light goes out coffee is ready.

Instructions for 1 cup coffee maker:
Insert disposable brew basket and coffee filter pack into coffee maker. Fill cup with water and pour into reservoir. Place coffee cup below brew basket. Press and release start button. Light will go out when brewing process is complete. Allow coffee maker to cool for one minute between cycles.

Instructions for Keurig pod coffee system:
Instructions are also located on coffee system.

  1. Choose Keurig Coffee Pod, Insert into Keurig machine and close lid.
  2. Add Water to Fill and close lid.
  3. Place Cup onto Cup Tray- Ensuring steady blue light appears around brew button.
  4. Press blue lighted brew button and Enjoy!

Iron and Ironing Board
An iron and ironing board are provided in each room for your convenience. Please do not leave the iron plugged in or unattended. If using the steam feature on the iron, please empty all water out of the iron after each use.

Cable Television service is provided in all rooms. Notify the front desk if you are experiencing any difficulties. Please refer to TV/Radio tab for a listing of channels. You may also view a TV guide listing on channel 2.

DVD Player
DVD players are provided in all rooms. To use the DVD player: LG Remote-Power, Input, and Select AV-1; Phillips Remote-Power, Source, Select AV-1, press the right arrow. If you need assistance please contact our Front Desk by pressing "0".

Microwave Oven
Microwaves are provided in all rooms. Please ensure metal utensils are not used when cooking items in the oven. If your microwave is a push button model, follow these basic instructions for use: When cooking on HIGH, simply set cook time by touching the number pads for the amount of time and push the START button. With some models, you will need to push the cook button before entering the cooking time. For cooking at different power levels, set cooking time, then push the POWER button and then the power level desired (9-High, 7-Med, 5-Med Low, 3-Low, 1-Warm).

**NOTE** TLF unit microwaves are plugged into a unit with a GFI switch. If the unit does not have power, push the button in the center of the outlet to reset the GFI.

Alarm Clock Radio
Clock radios are provided in each room for your listening enjoyment.  The clock is already auto-set to our MTN Standard Time.  Instructions for setting up the alarm are as follows:  Press the Alarm Set Button.  The wake time on the display will flash.  Press the - or + button to set the alarm time.  Press alarm on/off to set time and to turn on/off alarm clock.

NOTE: Press 'Wake' to choose a sound of tone or radio for alarm sounds.

Linen and Towels
Do not remove linen items from the room. This may result in you being charged to replace linens. Additional supplies may be obtained by contacting housekeeping or front desk staff

Washer and Dryer
Laundry facilities are provided free of charge for all guests. (See map for directions) Lodging is not responsible for the loss of clothing left unattended in the laundry room. If a washer or dryer becomes inoperative, please contact housekeeping or the front desk so that the appliance repair contractor can be notified. Pine Valley TLF's have individual washer and dryers in each unit. Laundry supplies are available for sale in all facilities. Laundry supplies are also available for sale at the Lodging Mini Store. Liquid bleach is not permissible in our facilities. Dry Cleaning Services Dry cleaning services are available. Please contact the front desk for details.

Pack & Play
Pack & Plays are available for TLF guests. If one is not readily available in your TLF, please contact housekeeping or the front desk to have one delivered to your quarters.

Sundry Mini Store
In addition to the complimentary amenities in your room, a selection of sundry items are available for sale at the Lodging Mini Store located across from the front desk reception area.

Ice Machine
Ice machines are located in the main lobby across from the public restrooms in building 3130 and on the ground floor next to the laundry room (room 216) in building 3134. TLF facilities have ice makers in each refrigerator.

BBQ Grill
A grill is located behind building 3134. Please be sure to clean up after yourself so that the next guest can use it. Turn off the propane tank after each use. The front desk has BBQ utensils. Please clean them prior to returning them.

Lost and Found
Lost and found items are kept in a secured area, adjacent to the front desk. Misplaced items will be kept for 30 days before being disposed of according to local procedures. Please contact the Front Desk at extension "0" for any assistance. There is a $10 processing fee, plus any shipping charges, for items returned to a guest through the mail.

Liquors & Beverages
A selection of beer, wine, liquors, soda, juice and mixers are available for sale. Liquor miniatures are sold behind the reception desk. DV suites are stocked with some of the more popular items.

Kids Pack
A large selection of games, toys and puzzles are available for check out at the Lodging front desk. The AAFES Service Station also rents movies. Information Center For off-base and local information, refer to the visitor information display located in the main lobby. The display also has special discounts offered by local restaurants for our guests.

Exercise Room
Our fitness room is opened 24 hours a day and is located in Room 114 Building 3130 on the ground floor of C Lobby. The fitness room is equipped with a state-of- the-art elliptical machine and treadmill. We also offer a sit-up area, towels and shower facilities. Head phones for the exercise equipment are available for check out at the front desk.

Business Center
Business centers are located upstairs in the main lobby of Bldg 3130 and the main lobby of Bldg 3134. The business centers are opened 24 hours a day and offer a computer and printer for your use. Fax service is available at the front desk. We also have high speed wireless internet available in all our areas.